Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things


Just from reading the title of this post, I know you have that annoying catchy tune from "The Sound of Music" bouncing through your head. However, I will have you know that you will not find raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens on my list of favorite things! But just incase you're curious, here are a few things that I happen to enjoy:

1. Chip- I'm not really sure if my dog counts as a thing, but I'll put him on here anyways. Chip is my fiesty precious bundle of joy! I used most some of the money I received from high school graduation to purchase him. He is extremely smart, and he even knows how to count! His food of choice is a taco from Cozumel in Tallassee, but he doesn't like to be disturbed while enjoying this tasty treat.                        

2. Reading-As a teacher, I feel proud to say that I LOVE reading! I have become a recent fan of ebooks, and I love how easy it is to have a book wherever I go. However, some of my FAVORITE BOOKS are picture books. I adore reading them aloud to my class each year! My absolute favorite is Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile.

3. Chili Crispitoes-What kind of teacher would I be if I didn't list my favorite cafeteria food? Laugh if you want, but soaked in cheese sauce... Chili Crispitoes pretty much rock! It usually doesn't take long for my kids to figure my love for this peculiar food! 

4. Running-  I LOVE to run!! I have ran in two half marathons, and I anticipate running in more in the future. I am a HUGE fan and yearly member of the 100 mile club at school. This summer I reached my goal of running 100 miles in just one month.                                            

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