Monday, July 29, 2013

Phonic Poems and Student Response Sheets

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This is a collection of 31 poems and response sheets created to review Second Grade phonics and comprehension skills. Each poem is about one page long and is categorized by the targeted skill at the top. The student response sheets are categorized by the phonic poem titles at the top. Be sure to check out the preview of this center. These poems were previously created using Scott Foresman spelling words. Here's an easy already made literacy center for the entire year!

Math Journals for the Whole Year

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This is a collection of 186 open-ended math journal problems located on one PowerPoint Presentation. The problems are designed around the second grade common core. They are separated and color-coded by these categories: Place Value, Numbers and Operations, Time, Geometry, Money, Data, Fractions, Length, and Multiplication and Division. This file also includes a student journal sheet with areas for the student to write the problem, draw a picture, solve the problem, and explain how to get the answer (for ARMT preparation). There is also a color-coded teacher sheet that can be laminated so that teachers can cross off which problems they do each day.