Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brag Necklaces

Each of my students will have a ball chain necklace to hang on this board. Throughout the year, students can earn different kinds of pony beads through test grades, DIBELS scores, A.R. tests, and other opportunities that offer a good time to show off!! Students will be able to walk the halls displaying the beads they've won!! Can't wait to start this activity this school year!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Batter Up!

I decided to take on a baseball theme this year, and I am pretty pumped about redecorating! I wanted to have some type of baseball decor hanging from my ceiling, but I didn't want to spend lots of money. So... I went to the Dollar Tree and bought six foam poster boards. I used a red paint pen and a box cutter to create baseballs!
Saw one of these charts on Pinterest and was hooked! Can't wait to use this in my classroom! Inside voices for whole group, buddy talk for centers, whisper for some seat work activity, and no talking for tests. I like how I can move the arrow if the class gets too loud! 

 Eeeekkkk! These are going to be my open house tickets! I CANNOT wait to send them out this year with my welcome letters! I thought it'd be cute to use baseball tickets, but didn't want to spend the money to order them. I actually taught myself how to create these through using Microsoft Word. All I used was a table, clip art, and lots of text boxes!

My daily line-up! This is a big class coming up, so I'm thinking I will probably have four small groups this year. I'm also creating big bases out of foam board to serve as my centers!

This is my behavior management system. Each student will have a clothespin. Each day the clothespin begins on "Let's Play Ball." Students work throughout the day to try to clip-up. However, bad behavior can result in having to clip-down. Wherever students land at the end of the day is written on a behavior sheet that they get each week. Parents sign the sheet every night to monitor their child's behavior. If a student makes it all the way to the top, he/she receives a diamond added to his/her clip. Once five diamonds have been earned, students get to trade their boring clothespins in for more spiffier ones. Then the whole process begins again.
 My newly updated kidney table! Daddy made my crate seats last year, but sadly the seat covers barely survived the year. This year I recovered them with burlap. I'm hoping the burlap survives! I also created a skirt for my table. I used iron-on adhesive tape, and found the fabric on sale at Walmart. It doesn't quite make it all the way around the table, but I'm okay with that. It still works perfectly in hiding some of my plastic containers!

Yep... that's me!! The "Queen of Ball!" I love my Cricut more and more with every little letter it cuts out. I used the remainder of the fabric from my kidney table to create a short skirt for my desk. Now nobody will ever know that there's a Christmas tree under there!

This is my who's here today board. Students move their clips when they arrive in the mornings. I used zebra print Duck Tape to make the clips pretty. Throughout the day, if a student goes to the bathroom or library, he/she moves their clip to the bottom until he/she returns.

My birthday board! I'm going to get my kids to hold numbers and take group pictures to hang beneath the months.