Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome Students and Parents!

Welcome to our classroom blog! I'm pretty pumped about introducing you to it! Feel free to look around and become familiar with things. You'll probably notice that I have not removed my last year's class.  I decided to simply add to it!  Once this year takes off, I'll start adding posts, pictures, and videos from inside our classroom. In case you're not familiar with blogs, I'll give you a quick introduction to how they work.

If you look at the top of my blog, you'll see 5 tabs. These tabs are: Home, Calendar, Contact, Supply & Wish List, and Just For Kids. These are things that you can always get to quickly. I may add other tabs as we move along throughout the year. The Calendar section will list all important school dates. The Just For Kids section has a list of fun websites for the kids to explore.  If you ever get lost on my blog, you simply click the Home tab, and it'll take you back to the main page. I think the other two tabs are pretty much self explanatory.

You may be wondering what a button is, and why I want you to grab it. Blogs allow you to create a "button," which is a simple picture that you can share with loved ones and friends. All you do is copy the code under the picture of the alligator, and paste it where ever you want to share our blog. It's basically a cute way to give someone else a link to our page.

The labels section happens to be my favorite part of blogs. It's basically like a big filing system. Let's say that you want to look at pictures from last year. You could click on the Pictures 2013-2014 link, and every post I have ever written from last year will pop up. It's pretty neat!

This separates everything I post into a journal-style view, putting all my posts in order by date.

Followers is simply a nice way of assisting you in stalking my blog. You can click the "join this site" button, plug in your email, and you'll be notified whenever I make a new post! I love this!

At the bottom of my posts, you'll see a comment button. If you write a comment, it will appear at the bottom of the post you commented on. Others will also be able to see your comment, and even be able to write comments too. Feel free to comment on any posts you like. If you have anything you would like to see added to our class blog, please let me know.